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  • GPS for LCD?


    I picked up a 3.5 dash DVD playing radio for my jeep (mostly used for offroading). In my latest project with the jeep, I am in the process of adding 1-3 cameras (I have not figured it out yet) for under the jeep (then I can see what I am crashing into).

    Thats neither here nor there related to my question. I bought this LCD which has a video input. I have a Garmin GPS V with software that I have been using for years. I would like to somehow hook up the GPS V to the LCD. Since I have not read about any GPS V to Video output cables, I am not sure if that can be done.

    I dont mind using the GPS itself to input the information (destinations, etc), I would like the GPS data (maps, etc) to be viewed on the LCD screen, if it were a direct copy of everything on the GPS V screen, that would be fine too.

    So, I have the LCD & the GPS, but is there some way to display the GPS data on the LCD, if not, what can I get that would do the trick?


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    There's no way to do a straight output of what you seen on the Garmin's screen to the LCD. The best you could hope for would be to use it's NMEA output to drive some GPS-enabled software on a laptop or similar.
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      I appreciate the response. I would like to use the 3.5" lcd screen in the dash due to it staying a bit more hidden. I have an older shuttle 933mhz pc that is sitting collecting dust. I am a little concerned that the rough offroading will kill the hard drive rather quickly.

      Would I be able to see anything on a 3.5" screen (much larger than the garming but I wouldnt want to look at windows on it)?

      I have a PC, the GPS, I guess I need an inverter & somewhere to store the pc? I even have a laptop I could use (an old beater), maybe that would be better than the desktop? Boy I would hate to have a flood in my jeep (its happened).


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        Without knowing the specs of your LCD I'm just taking a stab in the dark, but here goes. Assuming there's no VGA input for the LCD, and assuming that the inputs are all composite video, then it's not worth the effort IMHO. Text will be unreadable and the maps will be fairly blurry. Of course, your Shuttle would need to have TV-out for this to even slightly work.
        "It's a blessing . . . and a curse."


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          you could put your laptop in case, like one of the ones pelican makes, and pull the cable through a hole and seal the hole w/ your sealant of choice, if you're conserned about water damage. ... just a thought
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            You could somehow do it, just filter the video out to the RCA cables of the LCD. But you wouldn't want to do this because the new LCD wouldn't work with any of the touchscreen abilities. Since you're not running the USB cable from the Garmin to the screen, it's not filtering out the touchscreen. You'll have to control it from the Garmin.
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