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Iguidance 3 and USB GPS - Hibernate Problem

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  • Iguidance 3 and USB GPS - Hibernate Problem

    This isn't like all the other problems with hibernate and USB GPS units. I've tried to use Devcon to shutdown the USB ports before hibernate, and then after resume Devcon reactivates them.

    This doesn't fix my problem with IGuidance 3 not detecting the GPS unit after resume. This is what happens.

    Scenario 1:
    Initial boot. Open IG3, GPS recognized automatically.
    Terminate (actually exiting it) IG3 ---> hibernate ---> resume ---> open IG3... voila, my GPS is detected no problem

    Scenario 2:
    Initial boot. Open IG3, GPS recognized yada yada.
    Leave IG3 open ---> hibernate ---> resume ---> IG3 is still open because I didn't shut it down... where'd my GPS unit go? ---> unplug USB GPS --->replug USB GPS ---> IG3 sees it again.

    Like I said, shutting down the USB using Devcon didn't fix scenario 2. What I did was go to device manager, and looked at what happens when you unplug the USB. It seems that the COM port is resetting when you unplug the USB physically. Shutting it down with Devcon doesn't reset the COM port. BTW, my GPS is set on COM 4.

    Is there anyway to fix this?

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    Fixed the problem ... see here

    I'm using RR front end, but the overall issue can fix the problem in all instances. Just need to find a way to run the PsKill program before you hibernate. That is all.