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Remote GPS Tracking w/ video

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  • Remote GPS Tracking w/ video

    Hello Users-

    My younger sister just got her driver's license, and I know I can track her car's location in real time with GPS, but I want to add real time video and audio of the interior of the car as well to make sure that there are no teens in the car (it's illegal for 1 year), and that she is staying safe. I want to track all of this from my computer at home (I have 6 megs/sec broadband, so bandwidth is no issue).

    Is this possible?

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    I told someone a long time ago that if they got me a camera then I'd add it to my tracking application. They were going to ship me one but it fell through.
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    • #3 and your sister have real trust issues.

      But then again that's coming from the guy who has keyloggers on his sisters computer


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        Simple. Install a Carpc (duh), a webcam and mobil internet. You can now setup a live broadcast via web addy.
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