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GPS Tracking without Cellular?

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  • GPS Tracking without Cellular?

    Dear Fellows..!

    Good day,

    Here I have just one question..

    I have an special scenario regarding one of my project:

    One of my client runs a fleet of Trucks which are 200 in numbers travels throughout the Pakistan. He want to track the truck through tracking devices. There is no problem in installing the device which works on GSM/GPS system but what the major problem is that 80% area in Pakistan is not covered by any cellular network. So if I installed the GSM/GPS device, I cannot track the fleet throughout Pakistan as there is no coverage.

    Suddenly then I came to an Idea if I could track them using direct GPS system/service. But I am unable to find any solution regarding this matter.

    Can anyone guide me what to do and how to do?

    1- if there is any service which provide me the total solution to track the fleet directly through Satellite, then what are the requirements to use that kind of system?

    2- The rates of the device (if different)?

    3- The monitoring charges will be applied or not?

    Anyone please anyone, help me out in this matter.
    and I hope you the genius people wouldn't let me down.

    Thanks and regards,


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    There is nothing that will do what you want that I'm aware of.

    You could potentially use a satellite phone like Iridium, but I don't know the ability to use that sat-phone service dor data. If it's possible, I'd think it would be expensive, both for hardware and usage.

    Another option is to use an application that logs NMEA data from the GPS receiver locally and uploads the log when it has an available internet connection, say in a larger city or somesuch.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Is Pakistan limited by the same laws that burden the U.S. for radio emissions? Perhaps it is possible to set up a packet radio style system (packet radio is an amateur radio technology) using higher powered radios and nobody would mind.

      Just a thought, I'll ask my techy friend from Pakistan later today and see if he has any ideas.
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