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More accurate GPS software??

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  • More accurate GPS software??

    Hey ppl,

    Okay recently I bought autoroute 2006 and to be honest I am not that pleased with it. My biggest grime with it is that my GPS reciever updates every 0.1ms however Autoroute on updates every second which makes navigating around town more difficult because of the jerkieness. I live in the UK is there any software avaible that updates alot faster? The second think that annoys me is that, yes there is voice guided directions but it only reads out part of the directions, For example:

    Autoroute will say, "Turn right", when the directions say, "Turn right onto A538" i dont understand why it wont complete the directions. On the same subject as the voice guidance, is it my laptop or are the directions not loud what so ever? I have a bit of a loud car and sometimes I cant hear what they say.

    Okay Autorute can calculate speed but not very well, this sorta links to the updating problem, it seems to jump between speeds very quickly for example it will say 30, 35, 37, 32 rather than a smooth progression. Is there any software that calcuates the speed more accurately and preferably has some sort of interface.

    So is there any software that is more accurate at updating for the UK? that has better voice directions for the UK? and is there any other software that measures you speed using GPS more accuratly?

    cheers tom

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    I thought most commercial GPS receivers update once a sec. There are some more expensive versions that can update 5 times a sec. I'm sure that the military have receivers that update much faster, maybe 1000 Hz. What kind of receiver do you have that updates 10,000 times a sec?

    I think most commercial mapping software is written to update at the rate that most GPS can deliver data - ie once a sec.