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Question about USB powering of the GPS receiver.

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  • Question about USB powering of the GPS receiver.

    Will my GPS receiver work better if I connect it directly to the mobo's USB port rather than on a 4 port non-powered hub?

    I'm assuming as long as it's locking onto satellites its working to its' full capacity.

    But i've always wondered if connecting it directly to the mobo would squeeze a little more performance out of it.

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    Probably not.

    It is always a good idea though to have the devices you really depend on plugged straight into the PC.

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      If its working its working I would think. Only time I could see it make any odds is if your drawing too much power from the hub but you would soon know if you were.
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        My experience is that it really helps to hook it up straight to the mobo. I once used an extension USB cable and that turned out to have less power and much worse signal. Since I removed the extension cable I have a lot better and sooner lock.
        So if you are using a non-powered hub its like the same as using an extension cable.

        2 options: power your hub or connect it straight to the mobo


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          I do believe he's talking about connecting to the USB headers on the motherboard, not a USB port on the motherboard vs a USB hub/extension.

          But I agree that it shouldn't make a difference. If it's working, it's working.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            As far as I can see he said connect it directly to the mobo instead of a 4 port non-powered hub ?!