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GPS Problem Help Please

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  • GPS Problem Help Please

    I've searched but have been very unsuccessful.
    My setup is a BU-353 running Road Runner and iGuidance 3 using Xport 3.
    Everything works fine until I go into my underground parking garage where i lose my fix. When I come back out it I cant get a fix unless i kill xport iGuidance and road runner and use the GPSinfo utility to start the GPS again. The problem is not from turning the computer into hiberate either because if i shut the car off anywhere else and turn it back on the gps fixes instantly and everything works as intended. If anyone has any input it would be greatly apprectiated tia.

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    Read what Karl @ SiRF has to say about it:


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      Thanks for the link Marvin his problem sounds alot like mine
      but unfortunately that solution kinda blows. I guess ill have to deal with it though unless someone else comes along with a fix.