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  • Best GPS software for RR

    I've read through the GPS sticky but it does not provide any information about which is the best software to use with Road runner front end. Can you guys tell me ??

    On general note, which software provides turn by turn text to speech ? (turn left on West Gate road......NOT.... turn left in 1 mile)
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    well, i should tell you to search, and you should, but im not going to, because you wont.

    anyway, igudiance, which i love, does not say "gate street" just turn left in 100 feet, etc. none of them do afaik.

    reason being that I cant even pronounce some of those names, and a computer is certainly not going to be able to do it. youll notice in RR, when you have the voice enabled, and click on GPS, it says Gee Pees, not Gee Pee Ess

    so none of the current solutions that im aware of do it.
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      mappoint 2006 does the turn by turn on street thing. Freedrive and that just give you the turn and a distance. As for the best there is a current thread all about that so look it up.

      Edit.... I should add I don't know if mappoint does it in RR but it does on its own.
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        thanks for the reply
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