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Plz. Help With QSTARZ GPS

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  • Plz. Help With QSTARZ GPS

    im a new on gps world i have buy qstarz BT_880 gps and i cant find software that work with it and the offical site dont tell enough informaiton

    Any Ideas ?? please help

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    Most GPS receivers for the PC don't require any software other than the GPS application (such as Streets & Trips, iGuidance, Destinator, etc.) to work properly.
    For the unit you're looing at, you would need a bluetooth adapter for the PC you want to connect to the GPS receiver, obviously. The bluetooth adapter should be capable of using the bluetooth connection as a virtual serial port.

    There are plenty of FAQs in the FAQ Emporium subforum that relate to GPS that will likely answer your questions.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      thank you for the fast replay

      i use navigon NCK 5 software the gps connect to the bluetooth on the computer using serial port number 11 and its work the blutooth light on the gps shows me that its connected but when i put the same serial port in NCK software the software cant detect the gps reciver ??