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  • GPS software for australia

    Hey, all

    i just have a question about GPS software in australia what type of free gps software are available that has voice prompts

    i want to be able to use a carputer that has gps software because i dont wanna buy those portable nav things form my car..

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    Check out FreeDrive or MapMonkey... These are front ends which have been written by some excellent people on the internet to run ontop of the Destinator SDK.

    You can find australian maps (2005) on the net - if you look in the right places...

    Freedrive is soon to be re-written for the Destinator 6 platform (Freedrive 2.0) now that CdRSkull has finished up with the awesome Freedom 2.0 skin for RoadRunner (CarPC front end) - I suggest you check it out also.


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      oh cool. so your car pc is like the navman type gaget?


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        the navman is not even in the same league....

        you can't play mp3, divx/xvid, web browsing, mobile phone control (thru bluetooth), wifi, etc... with a Navman...

        Here is a bit of info about what I am installing...

        7" Wide LCD Touch screen (Lilliput eqv. from ebay)
        VIA EPIA SP13000 CPU/MB
        512Mb RAM
        2Gb Sandisk Ultra II Compact Flash (With windows (nLited) installed) to boot off
        80Gb Hard Drive (for Movies / Music)
        USB GPS Receiver (BU-353)
        USB Bluetooth
        USB Wifi
        M2-ATX Power Supply

        Eventually - 2 x 7" Headrest Monitors for the kids

        I suggest you do a bit of reading up here on MP3Car - Use the search function on some of the terms I have mentioned here and you will be in for a good read. Lots of helpful info.

        BTW. What car are you thinking of installing a CarPC in?


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          yeah i plan to do alot reading...

          i have a dihatsu sirion and when i upgrade to a ford explorer i will put 1 in there

          just using my crappy car as a test to see how everything goes

          how much approx is all your gear going to cost u


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            Well this is my first post but i will help where i can,
            GPS: i have used the destinator 3 with 2006 maps -( sorry theyre the 2005 version my mistake)- for australia, i then use map monkey (mm) replaced the dll as posted in the other forums so mm will read the australian maps,
            I have been sucessful in using RoadRunner as the front end with mm as the gps interface.
            My system is a via epia MII12000 512mb ram( 64mb shared), 60gb hdd, 7" liliput touch screen, generic gps interface


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              i have most of the gear already... Just need to get a couple of projects out of the way before I install it..

              Cost approx... is AUD$

              MB/CPU $300
              RAM $60
              USB GPS $100
              7" Touch LCD $300
              HDD $80
              Compact Flash 1Gb $50
              USB Bluetooth $20
              Power Supply $150
              USB RadioXtreme FM Tuner $50
              Case $TDB
              Center Console piece from Mitsubishi $50 (+$50 for LCD fabrication into console)

              Rear Headrest Monitors & Dual out Videocard $TBD

              Amp & Speakers $300 (cause I am removing headunit - I will need some form of amplification) wanted to upgrade anyway.

              I'll be looking close to $2000 all up.


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                Hey barty1978 r u in Syd?

                Pikachu79 please check ur PM.

                New Car PC Build list in progress


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                  Destinator 3 with mapmonkey 2005 Q2 maps



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                    where do you guys get Destinator 3 from?
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                      What is the latest version of Aus maps out these days?


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                        I've only got Q2 2005...would be nice to see some newer ones tho
                        Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                          there are 2006 maps in the new version of destinator pn. I think they are Q3. This has been the only map update since the 2005 Q2 maps. These maps are not on the net.
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                            how do u do it?

                            hi just reading through the formus i have the same issue eveyone else does,

                            i have a laptop that i want gps on cos i dun wanna buy a portable device.
                            I tried following steps in forums from this site but im not very computer litterate. I have a gps receiver (bluetooth sirf) and since my laptop old, now have a bluetooth dongle.

                            I dl mapmonkey but i cant find maps for australia, so i tried dl the emulator cos i have tomtom that i used to run on my dell axim x50. but it crashed all the time so i tried installing it on my laptop using the emulator...... no sucess!!! so now i want to get gps working on the laptop but i dont understand what register this copy dll files type this in command line etc etc.

                            sorry i just not up with pc like u guys is there a site or thread that could teach a person like me to install and get running gps on my LAPTOP????
                            i believe i have all necessary equipment, just need to piece it all together.

                            any help would be great thanks guys



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                              Destinator 6

                              I have just switched from Mapmonkey with Destinator 3 to Destinator 6. It runs without any addtional apps like Mapmonkey.

                              Miles better than 3.