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MS S&T start as a seperate app. in RR??

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  • MS S&T start as a seperate app. in RR??

    Hello, I'm using MS Streets and Trips 2006 with the BU-353 GPS receiver. The Front End that I'm using is Road Runner. I set the GPS Path in the RR Config to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips\Streets.exe. When I open RR and select the GPS option, S&T opens up on as a different window instead of opening on the RR window. How can I have the S&T application open within the RR skin area vice a new window???

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      I would have not posted the post if I had not searched first!


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        make sure in RRConfig under where you put the path to S&T you also put the window name.
        Im not sure what the window name is now i dont have S&T installed on this machine, but what text you see in the title bar is the window name.

        Also, in case this dosent work for you, will also need to know what skin your are using, sometimes skins do things slightly different and its possible the settings in RRConfig could get ignored depending on what skin you are using.

        But you say its launching S&T just not embedding so its likely just the window name missing.
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          liquid smoke- Thank you so much for your help. I placed Map - Microsoft Streets & Trips in the window name and everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. Do you know if there is a manual for the RR Config?

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