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using OEM GPS signal for carpc

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  • using OEM GPS signal for carpc

    I have an 06 Acura TL with navigation and I'm adding a carpc to the vehicle. Instead of using a USB gps receiver (which I already have), I'd like to just use the gps receiver that the stock navigation system is using.

    I've read the thread that talks about doing this, but it wasn't entirely clear if my system was the same.

    According to the wiring diagram below, there are 2 wires coming from the gps antenna. I'm hoping that I can just splice into these wires and port that signal into the serial port of the PC. Could someone with experience with this please point me in the right direction?

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    There is no way to know. Depends on the particular unit, and the wiring diagram isn't much help. If you can find a part number of the actual GPS module, someone might be able to help. The signals could be in serial, TTYL, or some sort of proprietary form. I doubt you have scope to check, so the best bet is to find someone who can tell you because they have as scope, or someone on the net, or by doing some research on the part number of the module when you get it. Also, the GPS antenna might be just that, and antenna, and NOT A RECEIVER. The antenna could be an active powered antenna, hence the GPS ground mentioned. Of course, that could also just be a signal ground. Like I said, you have not provided enough information.

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      I ended up taking apart the rear deck of my car to get to the gps module. I took some pictures of the model number of the unit.
      It's made by Pioneer. I would appreciate if anyone had some technical information on this receiver. I wasn't able to find anything with a quick google search.


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        Your not going to be able to get serial out of that module the way it sits. It's all self contained.

        You have two options, crack open the case and see if there is an OEM module you can splice into. The other option is just purchase an OEM module from sparkfun or some other electronics place, get an adapter and hook the module to the cars stock GPS antenna.
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