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cheapest gps receiver these days .. where?

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  • cheapest gps receiver these days .. where?

    I was ripped off on ebay this month and I'm about to go grab another one now so, I just thought I'd throw this at everyone and see where they are the cheapest... something like a holux mouse gps or a 236...

    which brings me to another question.. I would prefer one that doesn't take batteries and needs to be charged over and over...

    thanks everyone.

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    How's $35 strike your fancy?

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      not sirf III though ? hmmm anyone tried this one ?


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        Originally posted by ludikris View Post
        not sirf III though ? hmmm anyone tried this one ?
        Well, you asked for the cheapest. sirf III is the newer technology, so you shouldn't really expect the cheapest of gps units to use it. If you want sirf star III, then that narrows down your search quite a bit, but don't expect it to be nearly as cheap. IMHO, you might as well pony up the bit of extra $$ to get a good sirf star III unit; I have owned two GPS units so far - one cheapo ebay special, which died quickly, and another mid-grade usb unit which had its internal capacitor die. Neither of them did a great job of keeping satellite lock when I was driving in areas where there were buildings or trees close to the road on both sides (such as rural areas or city streets, where you often need guidance the most), so even if they hadn't died I'd still be planning to upgrade, thus they were both wastes of money.
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          I paid 41 dollars shipped for my Holux GR-213U. Not sure its the cheapest, but its Sirf-III and WAAS. Hasnt failed me yet, and i get 5-7 solid locks from inside my garage with the door closed, and a 2nd floor living room above the garage. Good deal for 41 bucks if you ask me.

          Only thing thou is that it was on eBay, but it was from a reputable seller and he had one ending like every hour at the time so i just kept playing the bid war game until i won for the price i was willing to buy. I said nothing over 45 shipped so i would just wait and put my bid in near the end, and finally got lucky on one later in the evening and spent less than i was looking to.

          Trees and urban locations are no problem for the receiver either. I easily get 9-11 solid locks driving thru forest preserves and downtown areas with tall buildings and lots of interference.


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            my sirf 2 was like 30$ a year or two ago, get one off ebay, it connects to four sats from the rear window of my car, in my garage


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              i had the Tourmate 168 which is internally the same as Holux 236. but cheaper at $70.
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                BU-353 from PCMall