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bu-353 not getting signal as good as it used to...

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  • bu-353 not getting signal as good as it used to...

    ... so i havent changed anything, but i noticed that my gps just isnt working as well as it used to! on my iGuidance the signal is red (unusable) allllll the timeee, and it takes MANY, MANY minutes to get some signal... sometimes it just doesnt...

    ive unplugged the unit and plugged it back in, still no signal... restarted computer (usually hibernates) and still NOTHING!

    the placement is fine as it used to work perfectly before (always green, all the time)...

    i just dont know what to do! this is making me very frustrated...

    any suggestions?


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    See if iG is using the wrong com port. I used to have trouble with it forgetting which port was active and when I would check it had defaulted to com1. There are several threads about various fixes if this is your issue. Good luck.


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      its the right port... when it isnt the right port, the arrow will be gray, not red.


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        OK. Just some suggestions to narrow it down:
        Try reinstalling drivers. Test with the program that comes with the driver. If still not recieving good, then it isn't iG. Uninstall completely and stretch cable out temporarily to outside of car. Test on another PC. Good luck.


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          i tested the reciever with another computer (same mounting place) and it works great....

          GAH! and it isnt running through a hub, its directly attatched to my M10000


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            ditto. I recently moved my wifi antenna away from it, and that helped a little, but it's still nothing like it was when I first got it. No other settings have changed for me, either. Very odd
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            Now with pictures!


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              Mine Does The Same Thing And It No Were Near My Wifi It Keeps Droping The Signal
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