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Ipaq's reciever for PC's com port

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  • Ipaq's reciever for PC's com port

    Folks ! I got simple GPS antenna for my Ipaq 3715, and it worked well with all apps in pocket. Now Im trying to connect this antenna to car pc, but cant connect it properly. Antenna connector has four wires inside - Red for +5V, Black for ground, green for Rx and Yellow for Tx of ipaqs serial port. I connected it to + & - of free USB port for power supply, and green & yellow wires to 9 pin COM port of my carputer ( pin 2 & 3 of 9-pin COM port connector of motherboard ) . Now antenna works , and gets signals from sattelites, I see it by built-in led on antenna, but FreeDrive not detects it. I set in FreeDrive port COM1, Speed 9600 . Wats wrong ??? Ipaq's TTL levels not the same PC TTL levels ? Or may be I need set logical "1" at DTR pin of 9-pin connector to enable data transfer ? Please, any ideas ...

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    Hmmm... after a few reboots and expiriments it works now throuth COM port, but PC thinks its a mouse ! Mouse pointer jumps over a screen I cant do absolutely nothing , when my antenna connected to port . Still waiting for good ideas :-)


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      Your GPS problem sounds like the one lots of people have with Windows XP. (Assuming that's what you're using.)

      Try following these instructions:

      There are some discussions on mp3car as well, but its often easier to just Google than to search the forum. Hopefully it will fix it. I had the same problem. Fixed it once, then did something else and it came back and I had to dig up the instructions again, so you may want to keep a copy around just in case.


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        Thanks man. I'm going to try this solution today evening and will post results here


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          Yes ! It works ! :-) Thanks !!