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IG3 Will not stay inside of the SKIN - opens in itsown Window.....

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  • IG3 Will not stay inside of the SKIN - opens in itsown Window.....

    How do you Embedd I-Guidance in Roadrunner? Ive looked an looked! Can someone just flame me for being a newbie and let me know how its done?

    When I open RR it opens fine. I press GPS, and it opens the GPS window of the skin. What happenes next, is I guidance opens in its own window. It DOESNT open "INSIDE THE SKINS GPS WINDOW" The skin has a place for the gps picture to be at. It doesnt put it "INSIDE THE SKIN"

    Its in a seperate window. In the freedom skin it openes it in a window. If i resize the window and to fit it to the "SKINS GPS AREA" I can press the skin and the IG3 windows falls "BEHIND THE SKIN" and appears like I thinks its supposed to. But when i touch anything in IG3 it brings the IG3 window to the foreground.

    I see it in skins her eonline but Mine wont do that.
    Is it the version on roadrunner I have? I did the updater and it said I have the most recent version
    I tried to user Skinbedded, but it didnt do what i needed.
    I got IGMON and it didnt work either.
    Is there a setting in Roadrunner Im missing to make this window stay in place and "Behind" the Skin??

    i want to use the freedom 1.0 skin (2.0 runs too slow on m10K) i also have tried it on the Spaced Out Skin too.....

    Here's a pic of whats happeneing:


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    same problem

    I have the same problem.. Being a newbie like yourself im in the same boat.. Dont know what im doing. People say read and search.. but this stuff changes daily. Ive already read through hmmm about 100- 51 page post about everything from electricity to traffic cameras. Im brain-fried. cant get this thing to embed, shows up in its own window, and nag screen is still there.

    I followed all the instructions, first its reshack iguidance.exe (never did that because...) then its RR 11/2 supports it natively, then its add ignative=true.. which didnt work either

    I think what is needed here is for a step by step FAQ/Author-editable-forum only where once an application is done then the steps to get it working are modified. We cant expect everyone to be able to parse literally 1000's of pages of info and think they have it right.

    im sure its something stupid again.. (like my button woes)

    EDIT: The buttons work so I assume that the auto volume down, and other cool stuff will work too.. just wont stay in the skin
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      I had the exact same problem and all it was for me was spelling iGuidance right in the GPS window settings in RR config...


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        Correct, you have to enter the window title in the GPS window settings, that would be for FRODO or RR and even CF if I remember correctly. Spelling is key!

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          AhhH! You guys are the Sheezy! That ish worked! Why does it have to be so easy but yet so difficult??? HAHAHA I hella appreciate all your help!

          Now Im on to the next issue! Picture Viewer in Freedom Skin. Where do i put the Pictures so that they show up when searching for a picture???