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Bluetooth GPS Pairing

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  • Bluetooth GPS Pairing

    Just curious if anyone else has this issue.

    Anytime I have the bluetooth GPS off and want to connect to iG3, I have to manually pair via the system and enter the 0000 code. If I hibernate while GPS is left on and boot back up, it's okay. It's the Zonet 1.1 dongle ($15 from NewEgg) and I hate having to close out Centrafuse to pair manually just to use the GPS.

    So, is it a crappy GPS, a crappy dongle, some bluetooth stack issues, or something else?

    Note: I have no problem using this GPS with TomTom on my Treo 650. It auto pairs so long as I have it set up in the trusted devices section. I also pair my Treo 650 with the carputer to use PdaNet (dial up networking) and never get prompted. So WTF?

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    I have the same problem with D3 and it's very annoying
    see if you can make use of this cable