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Car Computers, How Do You Run The Power

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  • Car Computers, How Do You Run The Power

    How do you run the power for the monitor screen, and how do you run the power for the computer, is it hard wired in or do you use a convertor. How do you get radio stations to work on your new system now that you replace the radio with a lcd screen and a computer.

    take car

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    Your questions have been answered man, many times. In fact, they've been answered so many times, someone thought it a good idea to write up the answers in a FAQ format.

    Start doing some research here:

    Then move on to here:

    Welcome to our madness.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
      Welcome to our madness.
      i could not describe it better my self... go on man read and read and read...this forum is endless.. i must have spend 2 months reading before posting my first threads!!!!! this forum is an encyclopedia for car pcs