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My Massive Pet Peeve With All GPS Software. Roads Dissapear!

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  • My Massive Pet Peeve With All GPS Software. Roads Dissapear!

    I have searched the world over for a GPS software that does not have this "glitch" but it seems ever single one of them has this frustrating design.

    As an example, even in the newest Iguidance 3.0, when you zoom out from 1mile to 2 miles, suddenly all of the smaller roads dissapear and you can only see major freeways! This is extremely frustrating because many times I want to see a larger view of where I am heading but I can't zoom out to orient myself because if I do the road I am on will dissapear!

    Others must be frustrated by this same design flaw. My solution is that they just allow the road names to drop off but atleast keep a thin black line to represent all of the non freeway roads. I would prefer to keep the small roads in view from 2 miles to 10 miles in the map zoom view.

    If anyone has either inside connections or knows of a GPS package that maintains most all the roads on the screen even when you zoom out some, please let us know.

    It literally blows my mind that this is still universally occuring and no designer has fixed it. Even with my GPS, I many times prefer just to look at a map because it allows me to see a zoomed out view as well as the non-freeway roads.

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    And there's one singular problem with that.
    The PC is going to have to draw each and every tiny-assed road that you want to see. At some point, the designers have to make a call as to how much data is worthwhile to draw ont he screen at what zoom level.

    While I understand your frustration, I understand why the developers create their software the way they do.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      It is not a glitch there comes a point when there is just too many roads and you can't see, what you should do is scroll.


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        you know you could always just trust the GPS to do its job and navigate for you...
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          Weird, I don't have this problem. Remember there are only so many pixels on a small screen, If your zoomed out 2 miles than there are more side roads than pixels and it would just be a blob of roads. As stated above scrolling would be nice. Also You may mant to check out mappoint. I think this app shows the most roads per zoom level of any GPS ive used.
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