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  • Excellent - Best GPS Aerial!

    OK, I read the stuff for newbies and bought a new GPS aerial based on what i had found (or was directed to!!). . . . And it worked!!!

    I was using an evermore USB GPS aerial and to be honest i am wondering how i managed to refrain from taking into to work and cutting it into a hundred pieces using my LASER cutter!!!

    I live in the UK and went on a road trip to Berlin then to Paris and then back to good old blighty. I decided to rely solely on my GM-307A (evermore) GPS Aerial for navigation and it let me down somwhat!! It would lose signal and refuse to pick it up whilst moving. Just as you would start to relax and enjoy the benefits of GPS it would go dead!! I did an 800 mile dash from Berlin to Paris and as i entered Paris at 11pm it decided to die!! If anyone has ever driven in Paris you will know that this was like.

    This is a picture of the said offender (The bad aerial):

    Well after searching on here my grilfriend kindly bought me BU-353!! From my llimited experience this aerial is the best thing since sliced bread!! I tested it out on my laptop in the house, hanging it out of the window. After it had completed its first 'cold start' it even picked up a signal inside my flat!!!

    I put it in my car today and it had already got a fix before the car pc had even completed booting!!! It must have remembered stuff from the previous day!! For the first time i was getting signal strengths of 7 right up to 10!! (the other gps aerial was so bad i thought the scale was only up to 5!!). Both the aerials were mounted inside the car below the rear window on the parcel shelf (it can't go at the front as the windscreen has a special heat reflective coating which messes with radio waves)

    Here is a picture of the BEST GPS AERIAL BU 353 (voted by me!!!):


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    Oh and what an evening!!! Just fixed all the bugs that i have with via michelin mapstore!! Thanks to this thread,

    Looking forward to tomorrow to test it all out whilst on the move!!