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  • New to gps-where to start

    i am building a carputer for my truck and am planning on adding gps but don't have a clue where to start. I borrowed a stand alone gps unit to drive to florida from wisconsin and that is my only experience with gps. What are the gps programs that are the best bang for the buck? Where should i look for these gps programs? What features are a must when buying one or are they all pretty equal? Thanks for any help since i am new to this

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    You really need to look around these forums.
    I suggest starting here:
    That's a newbie's guide to vehicle computing that answers many common questions.

    There are also a number of informational threads, including many writeups about GPS software, receivers, integration, etc. in the FAQ Emporium:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I did read the newbie gps post after i posted this. Thanks for your help, i'm still trying to learn.


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        Ok, well, I have not used any GPS programs except for MS Streets & Trips 07, but I can say that it is very good. You will want to look for good looking maps, good text-to-speech (if it's important to you, it is to me), and easy navigation of the program.

        S&T 07 is good with all of these, but from what I hear, it's maps are superior to others (like iGuidance). The TTS is good, but I intend to upgrade to a British English Female voice (if having a carPC isn't James Bond-like enough for you). As far as navigation of the program, the checkboxes can get annoying, but they can be worked around (AutoIT script).
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          I thought i had made my decision on ms streets and trips but after much reading i don't have a clue which navigation to go with. From what i read i believe iguidance or ms streets and trips to be the best suited for me. I have read the pros and cons of each and read people happy and unhappy with each. Some people say iguidance is way better and some people say they used iguidance for a week and put streets and trips back on? Any suggestions as to which one would be better suited for navigation in my truck would be really helpful, or if there is a better one out there i should consider. I did search and read everything about each of them but guess i'm looking for real people to share thier experiences on why they like one over the other. Right now i am leaning towards i guidance because from what i've read it ties in better with road runner front end. Thanks for your advice.