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Is MapPoint 2006 3-D?

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  • Is MapPoint 2006 3-D?

    I see that the Street Deck implementation of MapPoint has 3-D maps, but was wondering if MapPoint has 3-D maps by itself? What I mean is.. if I used MapPoint with RoadRunner would I get pretty 3-D maps like Street Deck? (well obviously I wouldn't get the satellite overlay)

    I've searched this up but haven't found much on the topic, not even many screenshots of MapPoint in RR!

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    Well of course as soon as I posted this up I found an answer to my own question.. that Street Deck uses Direct X to make the MapPoint map look 3-D! Doesn't look like RR will have this functionality any time soon..

    Anyway, what are my options for 3-D map software for use with RoadRunner? I know iGuidance is one.. This info has been a little hard to find b/c there doesn't seem to be any central database on what software does what or a standardized way of listing a program's features, so I've just been sifting through threads. The "everything you wanted to know about GPS" thread had some info in it, but it only offers iGuidance as an integrateable 3-D mapping software, and I was hoping that in the vast amount of software available there is more than just a single program that can integrate into RR with 3-D maps..