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BU-303 causing Windows XP to reboot

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  • BU-303 causing Windows XP to reboot

    I know it's not the most modern, but I am trying to get my BU-303 to work with MapMonkey. First problem is that it would appear that whenever the BU303 is plugged into the USB port when XP is booting, causes the whole machine to restart twice before it finally boots to Windows. It seems to be the GPS device doing it, because when I disconnect the device, Windows seems to be fine. I have to plug the GPS in AFTER XP has loaded. Anyone know a solution to this? Another thing is that MapMonkey doesn't seem to work at all with the device, and I know the device works ok, because if I use the GPSInfo utility and go out for a drive, you can see the co-ords and speed changing all the time. The MapMonkey software I've got, always has "Destinator SDK not for resale" or something like that. Now I'm sure I originally downloaded it from However, just been to the MapMonkey site and not only does it state that it's FREE, but the downloads page states, "Map Monkey is free and can be downloaded from the official map monkey website". Really? I thought I WAS on the MapMonkey website??? Any help would be very gratefully received. Cheers

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    For the Windoze booting issue, here are a few things to look at:
    1. Are the correct & current USB drivers for your motherboard installed? Update the drivers to the most current.
    2. Are the correct drivers for the BU303 installed? I know the BU353 uses the Prolific USB-to-serial drivers. I don't know about the BU303.
    3. Do you have USB boot enabled in the BIOS?

    As far as MapMonkey being free, it is. The Destinator maps that are used are NOT free, however.
    Although at this point it's somewhat of a grey area. Destinator no longer exists as a company. I don't know how that affects their map data and rights to it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the reply. Hadn't considered the USB boot option, will check it out. Just been doing some testing, and it appears that MapMonkey is a load of *****e. Tried using MapPoint for the mapping software, and works no problem. With MapMonkey, there are two places where you can set the COM port, and they both disagree with each other ! (one of them, that you can obtain through "GPS Status", you cannot seem to change from COM3). Anyway, no point using it now i guess. Any ideas what mapping software will integrate into RoadRunner (or RideRunner as I believe it is known)?