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BU-353 battery

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  • BU-353 battery

    Keeps last stored position , date ,time , satellite data. I have some questions:

    1-This battery is rechargeble?
    2-What happens end of life? Can we change it?
    3-I bought my BU-353 at 2011. its 3 years old. Battery may died? its important if battery died? Or its not important. Can still work but late fix to satellites?

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    why are you asking/? i wasn't aware there is a battery on the inside.
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      Fixing satellites too late. I just want to know reason is dead battery?


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        Might be. When my battery on a different receiver (ublox5) went weak (after 2 years), it was sometimes not found on USB anymore and took very long time to get charged again and then also only lasted a few days without power before being not found again.
        I tried to change the battery, but it was built in, so I had to buy a new receiver.
        Its a big deal for me since I only drive my car in spring and summer. The rest of the year it sits in a cold garage without power to the battery and I guess thats not so good for it. I hope this time it lasts longer, but its already a year old again. It seems to get fixes very slow after it was without power for a long time, but once the battery has been charged for half a day or so, it get a 3D fix even in the garage very quickly.


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          I will try to change battery but its not easy. Have a metallic cover and no screw. But i will try. its ok if i break it because in this way annoying.
          Do you know what kind battery using BU-353 inside?


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            Im not sure, since I had a different one. It should be some kind of button cell, though.

            I think mine was implemented the same way yours is. Metallic clamp to hold it in place and soldered onto the PCB. I attached a picture.
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              Mine looks like this:
              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  Batterty information:

                  Part Number: MS621FE
                  Manufacturer: Seiko Instruments
                  Short Description: BATTERY LITHIUM 3.1V RECHARGE


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                    Disassembled battery from PCB. I will use battery holder outside. I will solder battery holder's cable to PCB and holder will stay out. Should i use high capasity AA or AAA battery? USB can charge it?
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                      what do you think about this?:
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                        Originally posted by harryberlin View Post
                        what do you think about this?:
                        can it run as a standalone over pc ?
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                          Originally posted by harryberlin View Post
                          what do you think about this?:
                          Are you planing to buy it? is it ready to use via usb?


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                            Seems like a lot of trouble considering a new bu-353-S4 (newer model) is $35
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                              Modified BU-353

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAG2296.jpg
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                              Maxell ML2032 65 mAh rechargeable battery