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Garmin Mobile PC com port autodetect with XPort after resume from hibernation.

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  • Garmin Mobile PC com port autodetect with XPort after resume from hibernation.

    Wintec WBT-300 G-Rays I GPS receiver on COM3.
    GMPC latest version (5.00.60?)
    XPort v1.35
    • COM7 Ride Runner
    • COM8 GMPC
    • COM9 GPS configuration software when needed (rarely)

    I've been having some problems with GMPC following resume from hibernation. What would happen is that sometimes, about 10-15 seconds after resume but only if GMPC was running, music would start to stutter and controls would become unresponsive (CPU 100%? not sure, didn't have a window with CPU on it when this happens). After unplugging the GPS receiver and waiting 30-60 seconds for the disconnect notification to register the system is responsive again. Plugging the GPS back in would be hit or miss for this happening again.

    Some recent troubleshooting shows that when GMPC starts up, it is not seeing GPS data on COM8 and starts to auto-detect and grabs COM3. XPort and GMPC both on COM3 is likely what causes the lockups. If I {click disable, select COM8, enable} multiple times I can get it to eventually lock on to COM8 and then all is well.

    So, it looks like I need to do either one of two things:
    • Disable auto-detect in GMPC and lock it to COM8 (possible?).
    • Get XPort up and passing traffic faster(How can I tell how long it's taking to initialize when it's behind RR?)

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    Found a possible solution. Replaced XPort (as much as I hate to) with VSPE. It allows me to create a virtual com port which multiple applications can connect to (up to 8) instead of having to create one per application. Furthermore, it can also forward requests for the real port to the virtual port, protecting the real port.

    Seems to be working so far. All I have to do is add it to the startup.


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      thank you for this.
      i will try this once i get back from vacation.

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        I had issues with Xport too and since I have the Garmin GPS reciever I decided to use Spanner (a garmin app for mapping multiple COM ports) and have had zero issues since. That VSPE tool looks pretty cool though. I could see using that for other projects.
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