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TTS Voice Changer for Garmin Mobile PC (GMPC)

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  • TTS Voice Changer for Garmin Mobile PC (GMPC)

    Hey everyone!
    We just finished development of small tool that will allow you to change default TTS (text to speech) voice in GMPC. So now you can enjoy nice and pleasant, human sound voices. We also added TTS Voice rating and submition system. So if you have voice we don't know about it will be highlighted in yellow and you will have **SUBMIT** button, which you can click and fill out the form. The voice info will be added to database and other users can read your comments and add their rating.

    So if your vices are in our database we still recommend to rate them. In this case you and all other Garmin users will be able to see what voice is better so they don't have to spend ton of money buying voices that are not good for GPS use. In our system we have rating for GPS Voice Quality and General Rating. General Rating is for you to tell you general impression about the voice, how human it sound is it east to understand etc. For GPS rating you should look at prescriptive of GPS use. For example does the voice read W34 St as West Thirty Fourth Street or it tells you "Double you three four S T"

    We hope you will like our small program and we hope you can support our development by your donations so that we can come up with more cool tools for CarPC community.

    At this moment program tested on Win XP.

    Download Here:

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