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GMPC & DeLorme USB LT-20 - Keeps Loosing Connection

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  • GMPC & DeLorme USB LT-20 - Keeps Loosing Connection

    I am using GMPC along with a DeLorme USB Earthmate LT-20 gps receiver, with the latest version of the drivers from DeLorme (the USB Serial Emulator stuff).

    Everything works and connects fine. The issue I'm having is after a period of time, and it changes sometimes it happens quickly and other times it takes over 45 minutes to actually happen, but the issue is GMPC will actually LOOSE the connection with the DeLorme GPS receiver.

    GMPC says that its "lost satellite reception" but the DeLorme USB driver still has PERFECT signal with the sky. Restarting GMPC doesnt do anything. I have to actually restart the entire pc before GMPC can see the GPS again....

    The GPS has its own dedicated USB port, and nothing is loose or getting loose I've checked.

    Any ideas on what to try?
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