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  • IGuidance 4 and themes

    Does anyone have an example theme.ini file for IG4? The links to the website ones are dead.

    As an aside, skinning is a HUGE PITA. There are so many different buttons, and many that seem to be dupes. I got really bored after so many hours of making them up so...

    My solution? I extracted all the bitmaps, which Reshacker conveniently let's you do, but less conveniently, names them sequentially, but not after the resource number.

    So I wrote a perlscript that reads the RC file to map the images back to the "resource" name, while annotated each image with it's resource number. It also outputs a script you can run with Reshacker to put all the new bitmaps back in place.

    So now I have a copy of IG with every botton labeled with the correct resource #. So much easier than hunting and pecking like I was doing before.

    What I've got so far...
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    No one with IG4 has a theme.ini they can lend me for an example?

    I did a bunch of searching, and I found "pieces" here and there of syntax for various versions, but it would be nice to have a complete list for ig4
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      IG4 Theme.ini made by johnwpb

      this is for IG4
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        Originally posted by ikechun View Post
        this is for IG4
        Thank you much!
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          Is it only possible to do basic skinning in iGuudance? Or can you do things like move the speed/time/etc boxes from the bottom to a side?


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            I haven't found a way to do that. About all you can do is move buttons in the menus, and reskin the buttons/menus.

            Try RevFE
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