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Help! Can't Activate/Launch iGuidance

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  • Help! Can't Activate/Launch iGuidance

    I'm running a dual-boot laptop and can't get iGuidance to launch-says "can't read hard drive". Have installed MS Streets and Trips-runs great, correctly sees my BT receiver, navigates fine. Bought iGuidance, have uninstalled/reinstalled a couple of times-won't launch. When try to even manually email for activation, status field says "can't read from hard drive". Have emailed iNavcorp and this was the response:

    Hi Owen:
    It seems that your PC has some type of security software that's preventing the license file being written to your hard drive. In this case, your only other option is to use the unlock code method by providing us w/ your installation ID and activation code. For information on where to obtain those numbers, please first launch License Manager appl under your C:\program files\inav\iguidance folder, then select "phone/email license" icon on top of the window screen and follow the instruction provided in Section II step #4 of your iGuidance Activation Guide.

    Thank you.
    Support Team

    Nope-no security software-not even anti-virus software-nothing!

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    Turn off all your antivirus, anti spyware, anti whatever ... and try again.


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      I'm having a similiar problem maybe someone has seen before? I had a hard drive crash, so I'm trying to rebuild everything onto the new hard drive, but after installing iGuidance4.0 when I try to active it I get the message "license access failure 1" I'm still waiting to hear back from them in response to my question, but has anyone else seen this before?


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        Using Minlogon?
        How about a stripped-down variant of Windoze like TinyXP or somesuch?
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I am also using iG 4. I have had to do a total system rebuild after my old hard drive starting acting up. I de-activated my license from the old drive sucessfully. Now I can't get iG 4 to accept my license. Support sent me a dll file to over write, this did not work. When I try to run iG I get ''Unknown Error # : -84'', and will not run. When I try to activate my license I get ''This product was licensed on a different PC''. I am getting nowhere with support, anyone have any ideas?
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            My best suggestion to offer to you guys after having a similar issue and getting nowhere with tech support would be to google for iguidance fracture. I know speaking of copy protection circumvention is against the forum rules so please do not discuss what you find.

            It's a pity that iNavcorp had to stoop to activation, it does nothing but hurt the legit consumers. However iG2009, which I have also purchased, still has the same old crap. I've gone back to using iG4 after having licensing issues with 09.

            Other mods, if this is out of line, feel free to delete. I felt that in these cases, it was justified. It's a sad sad day when a pirate can use the software just fine and a legit consumer suffers.

            Try RevFE
            The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.