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iGuidance version 2011 expected to be announced in August

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  • iGuidance version 2011 expected to be announced in August

    iNav is expected to start sending out emails to its existing customers in August, announcing the upcoming version 2011 of iGuidance navigation software. This version, which will internally be known as v.4.2, will include new map data and a couple of new features.

    iGuidance 2011

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    Good news!!
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      4.2 sounds like they havent changed much of anything since 4.0 came out in 2007 Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Also iGuidance 2009 was "only" v.4.1. Let's just wait and see what exactly the "couple of new features" are. I do not know at this point, I haven't seen it yet.


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          pocket pc version

          There may be a different forum for the pocket pc / win mobile smartphone, but, I can't find it, so I'll ask here - Is there an update, or at least updated maps for the pocket pc in the works?


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            Hi fflmbr, and welcome to the forums. iNav hopes to be able to give info about the PacketPC version by the end of July.


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              I emailed them about 2 months ago about their next release because I'm ready to buy and didn't want to buy 2009 if they had a new version coming out.

              Basically, 2011 (or 4.2) has some bug fixes and new maps. Nothing really new according to them. They also hoped to adjust pricing to be more competitive with the other products in their segment.

              Hopefully this means a cheaper version that will be kinder on the wallet.
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                for the love of god, a qwerty keyboard plz
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                  Volvoman, I'm not sure about the Qwerty keyboard, but I know many of us would love it.

                  Here's the latest: R.I.P. iGuidance PPC, Long Live iGuidance PC


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                    On Monday, existing customers will likely start receiving email from iNav announcing the new version. I will take some screen shots, and post as soon as I can. But I don't think much (if anything) has changed, as far as the user interface. What did change is the map data, which is now the freshest 2010 Navteq, the routing algo improved, new route optimization feature (manual), new male guidance voice option. Info was just posted in the iGuidance 2011 review, and more info will likely be added there tomorrow and/or over the weekend.


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                      From the inav website:

                      "iGuidance v2011 Laptop & Netbook/Car PC edition Pre-sale event starts on 11/10/2010!"

                      Not sure what that means, but hopefully early buyers can save a few bucks.


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                        According to the offical iGuidance website, the long-waited 2011 version will be available starting on 11/10/2010.




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                          Email I just received from inav:

                          "V2011 isn’t available yet. Presale did start just today (w/ early-bird discount). If you are ready to purchase, you may do so via directly. Once v2011 becomes available (next 1-2 weeks), we will then process your order and email you the instruction for you to download and install the program."

                          Registered users save $4.00 ($75.00) for ordering early. Not a huge discount, but every little bit helps.

                          Update: Pre-order price now $69. From iNav:

                          "Thank you for your presale order of iGuidance v2011 Laptop & Netbook/Car PC edition. Your order has been placed on hold status and we'll email you the link to download the program as soon as v2011 becomes available in the next 1-2 weeks. We’ve also updated your order to reflect the correct presale discount pricing of $69 (instead of $75)."


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                            I can only imagine how long they will take to actually release this, considering they announced in August it was coming soon and pre-orders are just now starting, probably wont be until the new year before they actually release it.


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                              On 11/22 I got an e-mail from iNav Customer Service (extract follows): "...we'll email you the link to download the program as soon as v2011 becomes available in the next couple of days."

                              Anybody care to define what the upper limit is for "the next couple of days"?

                              EDIT: Downloaded the product Thanksgiving morning!