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  • PC Navigator 8!

    Anyone have tried pc nvaigator 8?

    Which are the pros and cons?


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    Some say that Nav8 embeds just fine but I'm having problems. It embeds but the map view wont scale to the embed screen size so you loose some buttons and info screens in the map view.

    Am I the only one having these problems? Tested in Centrafuse 2.0 and in my own app.


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      I have tested Nav8 with RR but always when Nav8 is running and trying to shut off computer (ignition off -> hibernate) the computer locks and after a minute it goes hard-off. Maybe I have not got the correct window name or something in my RR skin files (does anybody have working RR skin files for Nav8?). Does anybody now if it is possible to enlarge the POI signs? I think they are way too small, almost needing a magnification glass.

      // Tom

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        tom rosenback:
        Does it embed ok on your machine? E.g. can you see the info screens etc. fully when navigating? (or do you run it fullscreen with no playback etc. controls?)


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          Originally posted by Serfio View Post
          Anyone have tried pc nvaigator 8?

          Which are the pros and cons?


          I looked at the USA/Canada version. Here is a brief review: PC Navigator 8

          I cannot give a feedback on embedding it, because I used is as a stand alone software.


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            Marvin, could you try it with RR or similar if it, for some reason, would embed on your machine?


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              Good news, directions-ltd support told there's some lauch parameters for the PCNav:
              "....PC_Navigator.exe" --window_border=no --window_position=100,100,640,480

              There's only one small problem; if form (in visual studio) where pcnav is embedded has borders set to 'none', the nav opens with a black screen and comes visible when it's clicked. I just made an api to click the window after navigator starts to get around this.

              Seems that the set width (in lauch parameters) can't be exactly same as the window width. Works ok if it's +/- 1 pixel.

              Xpos = 0
              Ypos = 0
              Xsize = Me.Width + 1
              Ysize = Me.Height
              proc.StartInfo.FileName = Path_NavigatorExe
              proc.StartInfo.Arguments = "--window_position=" & Xpos & "," & Ypos & "," & Xsize & "," & Ysize


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                Could someone paste an example code in C# / VB.Net for sending / receiving messages?
                I'm trying to send messages via local ip ( and default port 4242, but PCNav doesn't seem to respond.


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                  I used PC Navigator 7 in previous versions of RoadRunner, now updated to RideRunner and PC Navigator 8.
                  I canīt get the bastard to embed, this command will launch the software just fine from START/Run and resize/reposition, but when put into RR nothing happens.
                  "C:\Program Files\Navigator8\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe" --window_border=no --window_position=0,50,800,550

                  If I remove all the parameters it will launch, but in full screen with a Floating screen for IGuidance on top of it.

                  Any constructive ideas?

                  Otherwise I absolutely adore PC Navigator.
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                    pcnav 8 prevents hibernation

                    I have a similar issue:

                    when RR is running, i activate pc navigator 8 via the gps button.
                    all is working okay, i have configured windows to hibernate when the powerbutton is pressed. when pc navigator is running,it won't hibernate.

                    in the systemeventlog it tells me that pc-navigator.exe is preventing hibernation.

                    i've found a setting in the file 'default_settings.xml' which says:

                    i changed the no into yes, but it stil won't hibernate.

                    anyone having the same problem?


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                      HELP! pcnav 8 prevents hibernation

                      I'm having the same issue.

                      I've been messing around with settings in the file 'default_settings.xml' as well, but up untill now no results what so ever.

                      Anyone a solution?


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                        i found a temporary solution:
                        shutdown in stead of hibernate. i'm not completly happy with this, but works for me, till a better solution pops up.


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                          Did anyone find a solution for the hibernation problem??
                          Completely shutting down and starting takes to much time!

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                            What's the trick?
                            Whenever I save routes or journeys (as example 'gps-090914-1427', PC Navigator won't replay because it can't find the above file as .NMEA.
                            In the manual I read 'Select where to save the journey file, either Storage card or Object Store',
                            what's the trick how to select Storage card because I see no buttons on the screen.

                            Thanks for your reply,


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                              What's the trick how to save journey's in Mapfactor?
                              Whenever I try to replay saved journeys, Mapfactor can't find the for example 'gps-090914'-file. What's the trick how to save and how/where to open?

                              Thanks for your reply.