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Streets & Trips 2010 released by Microsoft today.

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  • Streets & Trips 2010 released by Microsoft today.

    Microsoft is launching the new 2010 version of Streets & Trips. There have been a few welcome improvements to the program. I've just posted a review of new features here: Review: Streets & Trips 2010.

    Microsoft Streets and Trips

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    Thanks, Marvin. S & T does lack some features, but I find it very handy for trip planning, which iGuidance doesn't do very well. Going to go read your review right now.
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      you've been doing S&T justice for a very long time marvin i sure do hope you're getting your copies for free these days Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Will S&T work with our small screens?

        It's been a while since I worked on my wife's car computer, but recently installed it and am working out the bugs. I noticed that it's been so long, I actually have Streets and Trips 2007. All I really needed was updated maps, I figured, or an upgrade to the new software, but I haven't found one. So I thought, maybe I'll just buy the new 2010 version. However, in the "What you'll need" section is listed SVGA (1024 x 768). Is this a problem for our small 7" screens?


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          It depends how old you are, and how good your vision still is. I have difficulty browsing the web and reading any text on my wife's new 10.1 inch netbook. Having said that, Microsoft has made some slight changes to Streets and Trips to make it fit to smaller screens. Even all the buttons of the GPS task pane should now fit on your screen.

          Microsoft Streets and Trips reviewed


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            So it sounds like you would recommend the upgrade, then?


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              Originally posted by Profozone View Post
              So it sounds like you would recommend the upgrade, then?
              Yes, I definitely would. A lot has been improved in Microsoft Streets and Trips since your 2007 version.
              • 3 years fresher map data
              • Navigation view (a.k.a. perspective view, a.k.a. 3D-view) has been added
              • Automatic route recalculation (users can on/off this feature) was added
              • Voice direction prompts include street names (users can on/off this feature)
              • Pause Windows Media Player during voice direction prompts (users can on/off this feature)
              • Several other new features

              Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
              you've been doing S&T justice for a very long time marvin i sure do hope you're getting your copies for free these days
              LOL, this actually wouldn't matter at all since Microsoft Streets and Trips has always been so inexpensive.

              Trip Routing



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                it needs a complete UI redesign for smaller touchscreens... im surprised they havent done it yet, if not for carpc's for tablet owners.


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                  While I agree with you 100%, we also have to remember that Streets & Trips is a desktop application. Many people use it in their homes and offices. Perhaps just a small minority use S&T in our cars, trucks, RVs, motorhomes, etc. So any changes to the UI would have to take this into consideration. But again, I agree with you completely, and it could be done if Microsoft were motivated to go that direction.

                  Perhaps the increase in sales of small laptops (netbooks) could be at least a small motivating factor.

                  If you have some specific product suggestions, you are most welcome to post them to the (un-official) Wish List. People from the product group do read it, and the Wish list has influenced (at least in a small way) some feature changes in recent versions.

                  Streets and Trips


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                    i want them to do a full revamp to include Bing! search. if you took what they have done with their windows live/bing mobile app and added a laptop sized touch interface you would have an ultimate navigator. you can't beat Bing search results for addresses and businesses... not to mention the mobile app already includes voice-to-text support. its sad that my phone's gps just murders anything you can get for the car right now, but its true.