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  • Windows 7 sensors

    So i just got around to messing with my gps device (a bu-353) and started poking around the windows 7 interface looking for differences after i plugged it in.

    well long story short, i ran across this

    which connects the com port into the sensors API of windows.. which is sort of neat in that it APPEARS that via that API you can set default program actions based on "sensors" such as switching to dim mode based on an ambient light sensor and the like...

    but it also does some things like a phone where if you search for something in bing.. it SHOULD pick up your area and search locally..

    Machines not in the car.. and im not getting ANY gps signal.. so i couldn't say for sure yet though
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    Good find!

    Unfortunately, this won't do much for existing software which doesn't yet use the Sensors API, but that would take care of a lot of the COM port issues we have to deal with (port sharing, resume and hibernation issues, etc.).

    I have a demo board with touch, light, and motion sensors. The API is very easy, but unfortunately it's only on Win7.
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