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Trying to find best solution for single-din touchscreen monitor

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  • Trying to find best solution for single-din touchscreen monitor

    Ok, so I was looking at making a carputer sometime, but am kind of stumped with how exactly I'm going to make the screen work. I've done a bit of looking around these forums, and from what I've seen, this hasn't been made yet, but I'm looking for an easy way for it to work cheaply. What I want to do is have a touchscreen in the middle console, along with a dvd-rom underneath it. However, I want the DVD-rom configured to be the rom of the carputer, and the touchscreen being the monitor of he carputer. I've seen many flip-out dvd screens, but never where the dvd-rom could work equally for the computer as well. I'm basically using the computer for just a simple mediaplayer, whether it's to have all of my songs in my car efficiently, or to be able to watch any videos I have stored, or any DVDs I feel like putting in. Any easy way I can have this set up? Thanks everyone! And I'll continue looking in case I missed something.

    PS: I have seen carputer combos that coem w/ the dvdplayer and the screen as well, but I'm not looking at spending the $2K they cost. I already have many spare computer parts laying around (though basically, none of them are micro ATX :x), and want to build the computer based off of what I do have.

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    Most all of us who are using a CarPC are using the CD rom for the computer.

    You will not find a current model fold out screen that incorporates a CD drive...Xenarc will have one out shortly, but I have no idea how soon.

    You cannot use a regular Car Audio head unit screen for this application.

    There is a thread around here somewhere where a user modified one of their fold out screens to house the DVD drive. That would be as close as you can get right now.
    Jan Bennett
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