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Below 40F won't start VGA properly

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  • Below 40F won't start VGA properly

    Well summer is arriving fast, so this won't be an issue...or replicatable for a while...

    However, on my system with mini-itx mobo and pci video card...

    ...below 40 deg F will not start the VGA...sometimes it won't boot at all...sometimes it only doesn't start the VGA card.

    I am running the OPUS, so if I turn it off, and turn it on again (after the built in OPUS timers run 10sec on and 20sec off) then it boots normally.

    I thought maybe it was voltage, but there was no correlation...i.e. weak battery warm days still boots normally.

    Possibly could be somehow condensation...but there isn't on any other surface...I haven't had the lid off during these mornings.

    I have not plugged a monitor into the built-in vga I don' know if it is unable to boot the pci card and defaults to the internal video.

    Any ideas from the audience?
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    Tried it this completely booted but ignored the installed VGA card. (I opened everything up and hooked the display to the onboard video).

    So it is as if the PCI card isn't booting fast enough for the mobo to see it.
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      Did you try disabling the onboard vide card or setting the PCI or AGP card to display first in BIOS?


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        I have the same problem and no add-on cards.

        I originally thought it was my HDD not being able to spin up fast enough due to the cold, but I don't think that's it. I've been debating getting some kind of thermostatic switch to cut power to the Opus PSU at anything under 40F to prevent the system from trying to boot.


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          Lilliput LCD?

          I had the same issue, and I have a Lilliput LCD. I figured out that the issue was caused by a capacitor that "almost" touches the on-board transformer.

          It was only an issue in the cold for some reason, and it would cause an arc of electricity to go from capacitor to transformer.

          Once I had figured out the issue, my capacitor had a lot of charring, so I had to replace it to reduce the chance of the capacitor going bad.

          I hope this helps


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            I have this issue too with my J7F2, it will not boot properly if it is cold but then if I just hit reset it boots up with video perfectly.