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CF as HD reeeeally slow

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  • CF as HD reeeeally slow

    After having lots of trouble with data corruption on my original 3.5" desktop hard drives, I decided to go to CF. I got Windows installed and everything seems ok so far, but it took a reeeeeaally long time -- much longer than installing to a regular HD.

    I'm using a (now standard) 80-pin IDE cable to connect to the adapter. I remember reading somewhere that somebody had trouble with that and had to go to 40-pin. Is that likely the case?

    FYI here's what I got:

    I would just try it, but I won't be home to work on it for another week so I thought I'd ping you guys for some input.

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    Writes on a CF drive should be slower than reads. On my XPe build when the drive is not write protected I can notice a decrease in performance because the OS is able to write to the drive. After I write protect the CF drive and reboot the system is noticabley faster. There are how-to's for using WinXP and EWF, this should make your CF drive last longer and your system much faster.
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      Awesome, thanks for the info!

      I work with XP Embedded all the time for work, I never knew standard XP could be modded to work with a write filter. I bookmarked that thread so that'll be the first thing I do when I get home.

      How about that 40/80 pin IDE cable deal... do you think that would have any effect?


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        Also different brands of CF cards are different speeds. I used to work on a design team for embedded devices, using Windows PE, XPE, and mixes of Linux. We used industrial-grade CF cards - they were the fastest and had longer write-cycle life than consumer-grade cards.
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          When doing normal carpc stuff such as playing music, you dont really need a fast drive. I read somewhere that hibernation times (and maybe even boot times) with solid state drives are much quicker than disk drives. I believe tomshardware did a comparison. Have you noticed any boot/hibernation differences with your card?


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            133x isn't all that. Make sure the card supports UDMA mode instead of PIO. That's where the bottleneck is.

            Take a look at my thread for my CF setup and video. My card averages 30MB/s read/write and can top out at 37MB/s. It is also UDMA capable.


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              I just bought one of these (4GB) since my motherboard has a built in CF socket that it can boot from.


              It's a bit slow but at least I don't have to deal with a large clunky 2.5" HDD and cable in the small enclosure. Should also be more reliable.

              I would be tempted to play with XPe again (was trying it out when I was booting from a solid state CF card) but I can't figure out how to integrate iguidance and RR into it...