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    Hey guys, I need a little help with a wiring relay/transistor. I don't want to use relay so is there any transistor that can do what a SPDT relay can do like the circuit below.
    Basically, it is for my car signal light. I want to make the turn signal light into marker/blinker combination. During the day (no marker light), the signal still flashing (ON-OFF-ON-OFF). During night time, the marker will be on and when using turn signal, it will flash (ONNNNNN-OFF-ON-OFF-ONNNNNN).

    I search like a madman but couldn't find a simple transistor/FET/.... that can do like that. I want a simple device to replace and not a full blow circuit.

    If there is a PNP transistor with normally close and open when apply power to the BASE, it will be perfect.
    Is there such thing exist?
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