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  • Wake on Bluetooth

    I'm looking for a way to start up my carpc using my nokia 770 via a bluetooth connection. Any suggestions would be great.


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    the mfc connect2car. bluetooth version will do it. you could aso use the mfc8800 that someone else in the forums put up a link for.. its just a circuit board with bluetooth and can control relays. for the hundred dollar difference though the mfc gets you everythign built in the way you want to use it as well as software for it and bunch of other great features

    so check out the connect2car mfc... it's really the best way for price/features to get what you want


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      Thanks for the recommendation. I actually posted the 8800 in the "Use bluetooth/RF dongle on keychain for car access" just last night.. funny that you mention it.

      I was just looking for a lesser price module, but not sure if i'll find such a thing.



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        Another idea for ya, not quite the same per say, but wire a relay up to the door locks (you have keyless entry?) and on the other end to the power button on the computer. You can make a computer start in like 20 secs or less no-a-days, so when you click your unlock button, the computer starts up. Mite wanna wire something in so that it only sends the signal to the power button if its say 2 mins + apart (wouldn't wanna be re-starting yur computer every time you click unlock)

        If you don't have a keyless entry right now, or just don't like the previous idea, you could buy a cheap one, and do the same thing where you wire what was intended for locks through a relay to the power button (remote start pc lol)

        good luck

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