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Need specs on cruise control actuator

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  • Need specs on cruise control actuator

    Hello all,
    I've become interested in car computing again(Each year I fluctuate interests between electronics/hardware and software every couple of months).

    Anyway, my newest endevour is to control my cruise control via my computer. Now, I'm sure most of you are going to instantly think: "Oh no, bad idea". Well let me explain exactly how bad an idea it is. I don't just want to control the cruise control, i want to bypass the existing cruise control system and control the cruise control actuator(ie, throttle) directly. I have the needed microcomputers and such to make a controller but I can't use them if I don't know the pinouts for my car.

    I have located the connector to the cruise control actuator but I don't know what pin does what. Can anybody point me in the direction of some pinouts?

    MY actuator is made by Toyota, it has the following numbers on it:
    [Will include numbers after I get back from the store]

    Any suggestions/help?


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    Yes, it's a very bad idea. All you need is a windows crash with the actuator locking up and end up going "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" right into the back of a semi .

    Leave the cruse control to the factory cruse control module. It has many more fail safes that you can every think how to build into windows.



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      I REALIZE the "badness" of my idea but I'd still like to go forward with it. I need those specs, anybody got an idea of whereI can get some?

      As far as windows locking up: That isn't a problem, if windows locks up, the controller just simply turns off(It will require a constant[say once ever second] signal from windows to even stay active)

      P.S. Your "Full speed ahead" made me laugh really hard


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        I agree with N6BER.

        Mission critical systems would require a much higher signal rate. You would really want a refresh of something like 30 times/sec. and an immediate shutdown if more than 2 or 3 consecutive signal loses. The only thing I can think of that would be more mission critical would be your anti lock brake module. And I have a feeling you would be testing your anti lock brakes a great deal if you try this.

        I think it a very bad idea and if you were ever in an accident, no matter if it was your fault or not, you could be liable because of the radical modification. I think the burden of proof could be put on you to prove your modification was not a factor.

        You would be way better off interfacing an existing cruise control into your CarPC. It would be easier too, a serial interface should do it.

        Good luck.
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          If you aren't find it with google search, you aren't going to find that info here.
          If you need pin out info, look up the TSM for your particular car.
          Why don't you just interface with the buttons instead of the whole darn thing. Those button are only NO momentary buttons and a billion and half easier if you use with fusion brain. Other than the blink factor, it's 10 times easier to control directly on the steering wheel than on the dash. Think, why the hell Toyota put shifting lever/switch on steering wheel in additional to the existing shifter on the new IS250/350.
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