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Analog VDO CD changer protocol..

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  • Analog VDO CD changer protocol..


    I have a VDO CR-441XED HU in my car, (OPEL OEM radio) and a CHA-602S CD Changer... I need to use the analog input of the HU to interface it to the PC in my car... I searched for pinout, or for protocol destription, but i can't found anything..

    Can someone help me, with any usefull information? pinout, of the Head Unit, or the changer? or an emulator?

    The radio is the same as the CR-441XE, but it has got no internal display...

    Is is possible to use the TunerList, or update list emulator? (is the protocol the same?)

    the main problem is, that this type of radio has got just a 2 line ISO connector, not the "usual" 3 line type, for mini-ISO adapter, and i can't find any information about the pinout..

    please HELP....