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GM Radio Bus / Aux input

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  • GM Radio Bus / Aux input

    I've searched all night to the end of the net and found various incomplete bits of info on this.

    The only two things I've found that come close are this thread:
    I'd like to do this without buying an expensive iPod adapter though.
    And of course the Car2PC adapters, but as far as I can tell none are made for GM vehicles.

    I already have an aux input adapter for my truck that connects the PC sound to the head unit but I'm looking for something that will allow the controls and text display to interact with the PC as they do with iPod adapters. Currently the adapter I have requires me to hit the BAND button to activate the XM input and I control what aux input comes on or if the XM comes on with a 3-way switch.

    Anyways I realize what I'm looking for is extremely technical info, but maybe someone out there can help me out. Additional to what I already mentioned, this adapter caught my eye in that it mentioned pressing the BAND button until the text display reads IPOD, is this text (name of the input) also something an adapter can control? If so could it be possible for the input for the PC to be labeled PC instead of XM2 or whatever?