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  • M.i.r.t.....

    sounds like a very good thing to make. but highly illegal and will cause many problems for you and others when you get caught or have an accident from the use of this. i am wondering if anyone has made one of these. the info i found for the parts looks very very simple. i know that there are a lot of precautions to take when using one of these. there is a high percentage of getting caught. but anywho, here is the info/link.

    the website it lists to aquire the parts is a very good site. ive ordered from there before. and im cheap, so i used the cheapest shipping. i recieved the parts in 2 business days. thats good to me! thats just a heads up for ordering parts for any other projects.

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    Most traffic lights that are mirt enabled are also centrally tracked. If all the sudden the lights start getting turned by a mirt device you can bet your *** the police will start looking. You also have to look out for the cameras that are starting to show up at these intersections. They can see the emitter, most good cameras can see ir emitters. I'd hate to see the fine for using one, I'm sure it comes with a license suspension.
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      tracked? wow. i didnt know that. i saw those cameras popping up everywhere. but here in oklahoma, i see some in high accident intersections. then the highway cams i see on the news. bout it here. oklahoma is so far behind on things. on i-hacked forums discussing this, a kid was busted with one and only got a 50 dollar ticket. but some other reports i saw, a guy got a 10,000 dollar fine and a year in jail. pretty hefty for getting busted with one of these. it sounds neat, but i dont have the gonads to try this. besides, my driving record is horrid enough from my careless days. and i dont think the military would be too happy with me. i have flased my highs on and off quickly and that triggered the lights here. ive seen other people do it too. but that was around 3 years ago before the military.


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        Just don't get carried away, otherwise americasfuture2 will have no future....


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          haha. well i went ahead and built one. i can not get it to the correct frequency. i need either an O-scope (really wish i had one!) or one of those multimeters that show frequency. it needs to be tuned to 14hz. the 14Hz signal is what the emergency vehicals use. and 10Hz is what busses use. i am only doing this as a learning thing and just cause. it does flash at variable rates by adjusting R1, so i built it right.


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            This would be really cool to have but I read that a company that goes by the name of Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. are working with Traffic Safety Technologies and they have introduced a MIRT detector called EVA to law enforcement. EVA is designed to allow police to identify vehicles illegally employing MIRT devices, working on much the same principal as radar detector detectors. So I think I will stay clear of these. I live in Ohio and if your caught with one in Ohio you will be hit with fines up to $10,000.00 and a year in jail. Not for me. Thanks Senator Mike DeWine


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              well mine had 2 or 3 IR leds break off. and i still havent tuned it to the correct frequency. a friend has a multimeter that displays Hz. he "borrowed" when he was in iraq. im gonna use it when i get the leds redplaced. im only going to use it as a learning purpose. i have learned a bit making it. now it will be with tuning it. i dont want to risk getting busted with it. with those kind of fines and being in the military, it would not play out so well. punishment x2.