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Making auxiliary input in 2000 Ford Ranger

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  • Making auxiliary input in 2000 Ford Ranger

    Hey, I know I've seen plenty of posts concerning adapters but my budget doesn't permit for that and I want to try and make my own auxiliary input for my 2000 Ford Ranger. I have the 20 pin input for the external cd changer and I believe the correct pinout diagram.

    I figured I'd simply need to short several of the pins to get the head unit to believe a CD changer was connected, however I'm having difficulty determining what signal needs to go to which pin (ACP, SCP, etc).

    Am I at least correct in my assumptions? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    what kind of head unit do you have? Also, a pic of the diagram and/or head unit would be helpful, but I think you're correct in yur asssumption.
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      help please

      I know this is late..but I came across this post and it is talking about exactly.what I want to do. I have a ford ranger 2000. I want auxiliary input for my mp3 player and want to keep the stock radio. I took the radio out and also saw the 20 pin cd changer connection. You mention you have a pin diagram..any chance I can see that? Did you finally finish you hook up? Any help would be appreciated.