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Where Do you guys put the computer?

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  • Where Do you guys put the computer?

    Hay i just relised that i dont know where you guys all put the Case and all that goes indside, so what do you do? do you make it small and put it in the dash, or do you go the next size up and put it under the seats, or do you keep it the same and put it in the boot; and run really long chords???

    What do you do, please include pics if you have em.

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    We do all of those things. I personally have mine behind my back seats and use long cables.
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      small and under the dash

      Edit : added picture (current install location is same, but PC is now less than half the size of this '99 unit).
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        In my trunk, E-Cig Mods
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          Custom overhead console
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            In cargo compartment of my Saturn wagon - lotsa room for cabling, amps (desktop) pc, then ya close the cover so thieves can't see..

            If pc is in rear (somewhere), will need to run cabling to front; VGA, USB, maybe audio.

            Cabling can be run to front by carefullt lifting moldings and carfully pushing them in or under - ther's usually a void under them.

            Not under seat 'cause it's not usually the cleanest, dust and everything blows under there, it's greasy and ya don't want to fart on yr pc!
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              Volvo 480 - Dashboard (see image)
              RR P38 - glove box, to be moved under the armrest
              Saab 95 - glove box
              Tatra 613 - Dashboard (also in the front of the speed stick like Volvo)
              Toyota Avensis - under front passenger seat
              Chevy Blazer - mid console below the armrest
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                Behind interior panels (old install):

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                  Put mine in the trunk, for you guys over the pond, in the boot, and made a cover.
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                    All of the above

                    Depends on your car and your preferences. Mine is out of sight in the trunk. That way it is in a locked area even when the car is parked top down.


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                      Mines in the dash right behind the screen


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                        Who needs a glove box anyway?

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                          But with a "twist" (as you can see) compared to most trunk installs though.................

                          Gotta keep room for the golf clubs
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                            in my center console, see signature for pictures


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