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Bluetooth hands free kit with computer connectivity

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  • Bluetooth hands free kit with computer connectivity

    Does any BT hands free kit on the market support external controls by software (using BT, USB or RS232)? I can see that some Parrot kits do have Serial Port Profile, but I can't find any info about this port - what can it be used for etc.

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    I have in my car a Parrot CK3000 (old) BT carkit.Now I can control my phone (Sony Ericsson K800i) using Phonecontrol (but also Freephone)
    When I press one of my contacts on my touchscreen the Parrot carkit takes control as soon as connection is made
    Sound is then going through the car-kit speaker

    If I want to hang up , I can use my touchscreen or the BT carkit button.

    Until know I only could makes this to work only together with the K800i
    I tried already several different types (K600i, W800i) but none of those could do what I have now in the car.

    If you cant find what your looking for ,this could be something for you
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      Thanks, I know about this option (also works for a few other phone). I just hoped that by using the HF kit, I would get rid of the need to deal with different phones and their slightly different AT-command sets.


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        Are there any other BT devices available for use with carpc and blackberry that may work with freephone??
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          Could someone explain how this works?

          I am very interested in doing something with a parrot solution....


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            im looking into the parrot or the small nokia one, but ideally i want to hide it in my sunvisor and just use centrafuse phone control to control everything on my phone. i dont want to have to touch my parrot unit, just use it as a mic. would this work?
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