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HQCT not recognize by XP

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  • HQCT not recognize by XP

    After upgrading my system (new motherbord , mem, HD , powersupply)
    my USB HQCT module stopped working.

    Module did work without any problem in my former system , but somehow I jsujust can get it to work right.
    I found out that the only way to wake up the unit is to release the power (while module is connected to the USB port) and connected back again.

    Then module works OK. Like always

    But if I restart the system , again XP tells me that I have a unknown device.

    Try to find any information how to solve this (it seems a well known problem) but no luck on that.

    Module is connected to my M2-ATX PSU , XP is NOT stripped down.

    Hope that someone has the answer for this problem
    Gods right foot!!

    Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6

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    Do you have any USB periphericals on your system? Try without those perifericals attached.


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      USB module is attached to one of the USB ports on the mainboard. On the other one i have my touchscreen.
      I already tried without any other USB unit attached , and the problems stays. I also plugged the USB module to a cable that is connected directlly to the mainboard.

      Everything without luck.
      Gods right foot!!

      Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6