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    I am working on a project to create an invehicle DVR and camera, it will serve for track day antics and continuous recording for safety and liability resolution on the public road.

    The set up will utilise a forward and rear facing camera, possibly a driver facing cam and the forth channel will include GPS data displaying location and speed.

    I have investigated and tried affordable kit, using an AverMedia 1304MD unit - even 720/480 @ 50fps with a good 3CCD camera, provided poor results and inability to read most car registration plates.

    Now I am looking to go IP all the way. I am considering the following

    My short list (probably too short!) at present includes;
    Cameras IQeye510 or the IQeye511.
    NVR exacqVision (software requiring a car PC) or VioStor 101 the car PC could have a solid state HD with linux based OS, the VioStor does have a moving HDD.

    The VioStor will not provide the desired fps at a full 1.3mpx resolution. I am hoping the Exacq software product or similar will.

    Using the analogue camera solution I intended to duplicate the forward facing camera into the 4th channel via a GPS overlay unit. How do I replicate or meet this need using an IP setup?

    Your thoughts, advice or solutions along the way will be much appreciated. My progress my not be at lightening speed, but I will endevour to maintain this thread.