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Embedded Multimadia Chip based solution coming to market.

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  • Embedded Multimadia Chip based solution coming to market.

    Hey guys,
    There is a startup company that is working on a single chip solution that handles all multimedia on the die including the embedded processor. This chip has all the codecs and all interfaces built in (RS232, USB2, SATA, 3 HDMI or DVI outs two S Video, SPDIF, PCIe and more, all it needs is the GUI to output it on the screen. I saw a working prototype with a basic GUI. The BOM for the PCB is under $120.00 that includes GPS. That is what I think everyone is looking for, a chip that has it all running inside with Linux on the core. These guys will release the SDK to the public once their products show up n the market. Imagine something that is all hardware driven (meaning fast, they claim boot time will never exceed 20seconds) and is not a fricken PC. Did I say it uses 2.75W of total power on the chip the whole box will not use more than 10W at its full utilization? It will include all what StreetDeck does plus WiMAX support for internet radio over Sprint's Network. They are working to put their product in the car, replace a PC based Media Center for home and new WiMAX cell phone that will use VoIP to make all calls, so no more plans and minutes. It will also stream music and live content. All of their three products will sync with each other. I will post more once I get more info.

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    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      Does this thing have a name?


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        Originally posted by cheever View Post
        Does this thing have a name?
        I agree...a little more detail, like a name, would be nice....
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          Since the initial post is over a year old, and the user have never posted anything else since... I would asume this is "unavailable"...


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            sounds pretty unreal, todays lowest power x86 compatable mobile processors are rated at 25W, i dont see a whole box running on less than 10W being much more than an expensive calculator


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              There is low power CPUs out there...

              1.8 - 2.0 GHz at < 25 watts TDP (thermal design power)
              1.6 - 1.8 GHz at 12 watts
              1.4 - 1.6 GHz at 7 watts
              1.0 - 1.1 GHz at 3 watts


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                ok, a CPU will use up more than its rated power, meaning that a 3 watt processor (3 watts meaning 3 watts is the bare minimum power consumption for the CPU to run and will use more at idle) will likely run over 5 watts under load easily. transmeta cpus utilze the x86 instruction set, the software market has started to finally transition to x64, that processor wont be compatable with most new software before too long. Transmeta processors are not actually x86 based, but rather translate x86 instructions, taking up processor cycles. Transmetta processors are single core, most processors today are dual or quad core processors. Systems running on transmetta processors have been compared to AMD Athlon 900Mhz systems in performance (thats a processor from the 2000 year timeframe).

                Another thought, take your 3 watt processor, now add the power consumption of a main board (realize transmeta processors have a integrated north bridge) , add a hard drive, a video card, and input devices. you are over 10 watts at idle. another consideration is how much power would a sound card take up, how much power would a optical drive take up, what about your other perifials that you might want to plug into this system.

                transmeta CPUs would be good for a carputer that will be used for low power tasks such as playing music.

                and i stand by my statement, at 10 watts it sounds like an expensive calculator


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                  Depends what the "rated power" is and who is calculating it. IIRC, for Intel desktop CPUs, the quoted TDP is something of a worst-case figure, and stock units won't actually draw that much power.

                  I didn't see any mention of x86 in the original post, and Linux was mentioned but not Windows, so it might be (or have been in someone's mind at least) an ARM SoC.


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                    that 3 watt processor is rated at 7 watts TDP (thermal design power)

                    I understand that the origional post didnt mention x86 based processors, or windows. but i used windows as an example (everybody has used a windows pc) to demonstrate the performance of the PC.
                    I only brought up the x86 based processors, because the transmeta processors take x86 instructions.

                    dispite the vast number of processor manucaturers out there, you may very well be correct about the ARM SoC, because it is all integrated (as the origional post states) and the history of low power ARM processors. and i still stand by my statement, a very expensive calculator. im sure strikeback knows this, but for the rest of the forum, ARM processors are common in PDAs (or expensive calculators)