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    Ok here is my problem, I have my BT USB adapter plugged in and I go to device manager to see what the com port is, and there is NO com port for my bt.

    Now my BT is in the device manager clear as day, however when I click on the ports to display all. The only one I see is com1. Now before anyone thinks I am an fool, for asking this, here is the kicker, if i go to my bt software I can connect to my cell phone and transfer pics, videos, use the voice gateway. But if I try to get this to work with my RR and digitalfx skin nothing seems to work.
    I even tried connecting with freefone outside of RR and DigitalFX. Still Nothing! I really think I just need to point my freefone to the correct port, however like I said earlier, I have no Idea what port this is?

    So I am so confused and don't know how I can determine what port this BT USB Adapter is connected to!

    If someone can help me out that would be good!