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Renault Laguna II, what signals goes from the remote stalk to the radio unit?

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  • Renault Laguna II, what signals goes from the remote stalk to the radio unit?


    I have a Renault Laugna 2 - 2002 model and now I have bought a multimedia car stereo (no brand) with universal steering wheel connector and I would very mutch like to use the original remote stalk in my renault to at least control the volume of my new radio, the setup menu in the new multimedia player looks like this; see attached file no1

    The wires for connecting the universal steering wheel are like this;
    see attached file no2

    Red - power output
    White - wheel signal output
    Black - ground

    I have not yet tried to connect the original stalk directly because i am worried that i might destroy something;

    What is the protocol for the signaling from the remote stalk for the radio on the Laguna2 (2002 model), what kind of signal is sent out from the remote stalk towards the radio unit?

    I hope somone can give me an answer or direct me to someone who can help me.

    Best Regards,
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    Same problem with a peugeot 206cc

    Im trying to the same but got to the same problem if any one could help it would be great

    Thank you


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      Hello guys, I haven't tested on a physical steering wheel remote, but I've worked with similar products and I can put my money that there is not digital data going to radio unit. Instead I think there are analogical levels for each button, all of them on the same wire, except for the wheel which is sent on a separate wire. So, for instance, if you have 3 buttons then you could rise the line at 3V for the first one, 7V for the second one and 12V for the third one. This also applies to lower voltage levels as well(may be 0-5V acceptance only). The period of each pulses determines if there was a normal press or long press or very long press. With the wheel is just a sequence of pulses of fixed duration. This wires go into radio unit into an ADC and then processed. Just take a multimetter and start measuring. Good luck.